Our team brings together diverse partnership and communications expertise with more than 150 combined years of experience at international public relations firms, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our shared passion for driving progress against unmet health needs is what makes us uniquely KYNE.
Susan McGowan
Finance Manager

What past experience are you leveraging most at KYNE?

Working for a financial management company for the past 12 years has given me insights into many aspects of finance that I incorporate into day-to-day operations at KYNE.

What qualities/components do you think are important for effective partnerships?

For me, the key to forging effective partnerships lies in people’s ability to truly share ideas, talents and workloads for a common goal or project. Successful cooperative work entails multiple contributions, molded, finished and eventually polished into a final product with each person sharing in the process.

What brought you to KYNE?

Initially, I was simply looking for a change in setting and a more challenging environment. However, as I navigated the interview process I was especially attracted to the company by the experience and energy levels displayed by the team.

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As finance manager at KYNE, Susan is responsible for the day-to-day management of all client billings and financials in addition to coordinating the agency’s budget management activities.

Susan has over 16 years experience in the finance field; prior to joining KYNE she worked for a financial management company where she was responsible for all accounting needs for the company’s clients.

Susan earned an associate’s degree in computer science from Regional Technical College of Cork (RTC), Ireland.